Range Rover almost entirely stripped for parts by car thieves

A man has been arrested after a Range Rover was found almost entirely stripped of its parts.

The vehicle was discovered by officers four days after it was stolen in Newtown, Birmingham.

In an image tweeted by Chelmsley Wood Police, the car appears to be missing its interior furnishings, engine and doors.

The force captioned the picture: ‘Chelmsley officers responded to a 999 call about a possible stolen car in #Kingshurst and found this when they arrived!

‘It was a Range Rover Sport four days ago when it was stolen in #Newtown and stripped for parts.

‘One under arrest for theft of motor vehicle.’

Stolen vehicles are most commonly stripped down at ‘chop shops’ before their parts are sold online.

Last week, a four stolen BMW four series were found at a ‘chop shop’ in Quinton, Birmingham, as well as two other BMWs at a house nearby.

Three of the vehicles had their bonnets, grills, tyres, rims, headlights and brake callipers removed, Birmingham Live reported.

Last year the force launched a ‘Shop a Chop Shop’ campaign, urging members of the public to report garages they believe could be involved in the practice.


Culled from Metro

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