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Luno Bets on Cryptocurrencies in Nigeria, Sponsors ‘The Next Titian’

Luno, a world’s leading cryptocurrency with over ten million users worldwide sets the stage for a demystification of the use of cryptocurrency with its strategic headline sponsorship of the biggest ideas reality show in Nigeria ‘The Next Titan’.

The first 5000 applicants for the show’s series will receive $5 in bitcoin redeemable via the Luno App on IOS and Android. This is a surreptitious way of promoting the use of bitcoin in the country without openly shoving down the faces of the youths.

The star prize of 20,000,000 naira and consolatory prizes of 5,000,000 is attractive to ensure the massive participation of the hardworking and highly entrepreneurial youths. To register click here

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Luno is a forward-looking company that is using this show to subtly prepare the Nigerian youths to embrace change in their adoption of cryptocurrencies as the world’s financial institutions are gradually accepting it with some global banks like Goldman Sachs, BNP Paribas, Barclays, UBS, etc who have gone as far as setting up cryptocurrency desks. Nigeria cannot afford to be left behind and Luno using what the country is in dire need of – entrepreneurship is quietly pushing for the inclusion of Nigeria in this inevitable financial revolution.

Luno’s sponsorship of the show is highly commendable but beneath the veneer of the sponsorship is a soft push for the use of crypt currencies in Nigeria using their enormous economic clout.

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Launched in 2013, Luno has facilitated transactions over $52 billion. With over 200 million citizens, Nigeria is a tempting market in Luno’s quest for expansion. The Nigerian Central Bank, like many other monetary authorities in the world, has introduced regulations to restrict the use of cryptocurrencies in Africa’s largest economy. But Nigerians, including citizens seeking to edge against the national currency’s instability, have found ways to circumvent the restrictions on the use of cryptocurrencies. The country tops the list of fastest growing cryptocurrency adopters in Africa. Luno’s sponsorship on ‘The Next Titan’ is a bet on the continued growth in popularity of cryptocurrencies in Nigeria.

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