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#EndSARS: The Youth Are Rekindling Hope in Nigeria:  Israel W. Abam

Israel Abam

We are experiencing an unprecedented social movement made possible by our Youth, in our dear Nation, who over the years have been manipulated, abused, and misrepresented by those in the reins of authority in this Land. Looking at the tenacity and the resilience of these youth across the Country hope for our Father Land is being rekindled in many hearts. I am personally gladdened by this development as I see this as the beginning of a genuine struggle for a lasting change.

In this social mobilization our youth are challenging the nefarious activities of a unit of the Nigerian Police Force that has over the years criminalized them and had created unimaginable mess for them, their parents and helpless members of our society. It is on record that this unit of the Police Force had maimed, and killed innocent citizens thereby heightening the sad frustration which the unworking system of the Nigerian State has become.

As we are observing, these youth are increasingly getting well organized and have, upon the Inspector General of Police pronouncing the FSARS dissolved, rearticulated their demands to be one of a comprehensive police reform. I believe this is good for our dear Nation and I congratulate these young people.

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Good leadership at a time like this should prevail and being sensitive to the yearnings of our teaming youth rather than get agitated and reactionary, will be the wise response. Consequently the brutal reactions of the police in places like the FCT, Lagos and Oyo States where protesting youth were manhandled will do no one any good.

Democratic Nations all over the world understand that freedom of speech and association are key factors in deepening democracy, and restrained and intelligent handling of dissenting voices helps in strengthening National pride and patriotism. Ours should not be any different any more.

As I continue to pray for our dear Nation, and its leaders, I am hopeful that our dear President and his handlers will exercise real wisdom and avoid being highhanded in dealing with this genuine cry of our youth against injustice, brutality, and extra-judicial enforcements of our legal regimes.

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May the good Lord continue to protect our youth and strengthen our leaders with the resolve to do right by our constitution and the laws of our Nation. May righteousness, justice, equity, and fairness find their true expressions in our body polity as a Nation and May those in authority always be mindful that power is transient and that everyone will someday be called to account for their decisions and actions while in authority.

May we as a Nation emerge from this experience better than we went in and may this experience bring those in authority to the awareness that this social movement cannot be reversed but must be supported and strengthened to continue as an impartial National force to address the weaknesses of our systems and structures for the singular purpose of National growth and wholesomeness.

– Israel Abam

God bless Nigeria 🇳🇬

Israel W. Abam

#EndSARS is unprecedented moment in Nigerian history. What does it mean to you? What do you want it to change? How can we ALL build on it in transforming Nigeria into a country that works for ALL of us and not only for a few of them?

Arbiterz will like to hear from you too. Send your opinion -300/400 words-to & You MAY include a picture of yourself, which may be from the #EndSARS battleline where you are helping to push the old Nigeria into the abyss.

Israel Abam

Abimbola Agboluaje

Abimbola is Managing Director of WNT Capitas . He consults on strategic communications and investment risk.

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