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#EndSARS: Restructure Nigeria: Bolaji Okusaga, Public Relations Specialist

In a Federation, there is no room for only one Police Force. It is clear why SARS transformed into a tyrannical beast preying on Nigerians and the reason for this anomaly must be redressed at its very root. All the grievances of Nigerian youths over predatory policing spring from the deployment of a uniform solution to security challenges in every nook and cranny of Nigeria – the use of brute force. It is time to move beyond this  failed solution and the only sustainable way is to move back policing where it belongs – on the concurrent rather than the exclusive legislative list. I reckon that this protest actually offers us an opportunity to kickstart the restructuring of Nigeria.

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#EndSARS is unprecedented moment in Nigerian history. What does it mean to you? What do you want it to change? How can we ALL build on it in transforming Nigeria into a country that works for ALL of us and not only for a few of them?

Arbiterz will like to hear from you too. Send your opinion -300/400 words-to & You MAY include a picture of yourself, which may be from the #EndSARS battleline where you are helping to push the old Nigeria into the abyss.


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