Best of Nigeria: Detail Africa, Makers of Luxury Bags

Detail Africa is a specialist in the design and crafting of male and female bags, briefcases, travel bags, pouches and wallets to match the style and functionality requirements of the contemporary individual. This aspirational brand focuses on quality and exceptional service that can rival top international brands in a quest to promote the Nigerian fashion industry and inspire other entrepreneurs.

The Founder

Seromume Ikogho. An accounting graduate of Covenant University. Qualified chartered accountant, business consultant and contemporary fashion enthusiast. Apart from being the founder of Detail Africa, he also consults for Nigerian SMEs/multinationals and engages in social impact programs.

Seromume Ikogho

The leap from accounting and business consulting to being the founder of a leather-goods company

It all began with a simple help from a friend. A leather briefcase gotten by a friend from Dubai three years ago. Suddenly, Seromume Ikogho realized that men scarcely ever carry proper leather work bags. He sniffed a profitable gap in the market. So, he went around the market looking at what’s on offer. The men’s bags were either of great quality but too expensive, or low-quality and affordable. So, Seromume decided to start. His goal was clearly to showcase Nigeria to the World by crafting bags that would be globally competitive in terms of quality, bags that people around the World would be proud to carry. Detail Africa started producing in 2017 but has increased product lines from work and travel bags to include wallets, pouches, portfolios and other leather accessories.

Attention to Detail is a guiding principle

The brand is an extension of Seromume’s personality. He is a very fastidious person. He thought building a luxury leather bag business on the ideals of precision and meticulousness would make it successful. He is also passionate about Africa, strongly believing in diversity and inclusion. Hence the name, Detail Africa. Seromume not only manages business side of things like marketing and finance, he is also the Creative Director. He leads the design team and partners with a production team based in Lagos. The Head of Production travels all over Nigeria to source the best leather and accessories. Meticulous Seromume keeps a very close eye to ensure the leather is of highest quality.

Detail Africa wanted to be part of the journey of successful professional women

Detail Africa is an inclusive brand and strongly believes in equality. Thus, with women entering exclusive professions, excelling and rising to the top, Detail Africa is keen to be part of their success. So, it started a line of female briefcases early 2019 to support the contemporary woman in her journey towards success and fulfilment. Women have reciprocated the love, as Detail Africa’s female line is one of its bestsellers.


Analyzing international market trends and data keeps Detail Africa ahead

The journey has been exciting but also difficult. Making high-end luxury goods requires a network of highly experienced artisans and suppliers. This value chain is not very well developed in Nigeria. So, high-end luxury goods makers like Detail Africa have to work much harder identifying experienced suppliers and artisans. Detail Africa is very research driven. Seromume’s consulting background helps. Selling luxury goods involves presenting styles that reflect the best of global fashion trends but that is also distinct from them. Seromume works extremely hard to invent attractive styles and also ensure that the finishing is perfect.

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