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Top road transportation systems in Nigeria

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Road trips can be one of the most exciting or traumatic adventures one can experience when conveyed by the right or wrong carrier. The former can leave us relishing a repeat experience while the latter can be a nightmare.

Some trips can take at least two hours or overlap for days, and if all we have is being trapped in some confined space next to total strangers, then my comfort, minimal anxiety, seamless smooth ride, security and affordability amongst many has to be of utmost importance. Hence, they are the important factors to consider in selecting the ideal road transport systems.

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The ease and convenience of booking trips online, via mobile apps, and the ability to track the buses as well, certainly make GIGM one of the people’s favorites. Formerly known as “God Is Good Motors”, the transport service has 29 ultra-modern bus terminals across the country and make transportation (road trips) to 10 of the 36 states in Nigeria, coupled with media and entertainment. GIGM is key on safety and do not provide excess luggage service for heavy travelers with a 30″x22″x15″ specification except via their sister logistics company. You will be charged an extra N1,000 for trip rescheduling which is subject to vehicle and seat availability with no refund policy. Children less than 10years of age are availed a 30%-50% discount of up to 3 children per family. In the event of lost items, unclaimed items are discarded after 30 days. They offer one of the cheapest rates of at least N3,150 per ticket fares.

If availability of power outlets remains a priority to you and the extra reach of neighboring West African countries apart from local trips, then ABC Transport PLC as well as Chisco provide those privileges but with slightly higher rates of at least N4,600 for the former and N4,500 for the latter. ABC, on the other hand, extends its discount package to not only children under 10 years but also to students and corps members with valid identification. An attractive free 12th trip is available to high-end travelers who can make up to 11 trips within a year for a special ABC gold card.

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With Chisco, comfort is priority and an automatic discount is available to all travelers with up to 10% available for one-way trips and 15% available on return trips as well as excess luggage permitted on request. With all the numerous transportation services available to us, what road transport systems will you be recommending? Kindly share your #UserExperience with us.

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