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S’Ogun D’Ogoji: How to Make N350 Million from N100,000 Investment 

I want to start a fund management business. Seriously. The biggest problem now is that these 35% ROI boys with names like Eat Rich, Benignant Forte, S’ogun D’ogoji, Bamise Global and whatnot have spoiled that market.

So even when one is talking to otherwise sensible people, you still have questions like what is my ROI? Explanations like “past performance is not indicative of future returns” are dismissed as the lame excuse of an incompetent fund manager. Even when one throws in very strong corporate governance and other forms of investor oversight into the deal, you hear “Osisi na e mi  Ego is delivering a 10% monthly ROI”.

I am slowly coming round to accepting the reality of our collective financial illiteracy. Money doubles every 72/rperiods is a basic lesson everyone who has taken a finance course worthy of the school fees learns. Put simply, if someone is offering you a 6% monthly return on an investment that you can compound, that implies your investment will double in 72/6 months i.e. 12 months. If someone is offering you a 12% monthly return on a similar basis, your money will double every 6 months.

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Maybe we don’t really appreciate the import of compound interest. There is a simple illustration. If you are able to compound at 12% monthly for 20 years, your N100k investment will be worth just shy of N65 quadrillion (that is 65 followed by 15 zeros). Let’s even assume you don’t want to keep it for 20 years, let’s assume just 6 years. That way you can use the investment to pay for your son’s school fees. Fair enough, I suppose. The news is that after just 6 years, without additional injection of capital, your investment will be worth about N350 million. A 35% quarterly ROI on a N100k investment gives a capital sum of N134 million after 6 years.

If these numbers sound outlandish, it is because they are! They are laughable to the point of being criminal. Yet, folks flock to these things every single day. If I am paid a pound for every sob story I have read on failed investments in Nigeria over the last 3 years, I’ll be buying a house in Mayfair within a year.

Whist we are at it, I have one airport under the Third Mainland Bridge. There is a 30-year concession from the FAAN and we are giving early investors a guaranteed 12.5% monthly ROI. For more enquiries contact Mr. Apáni Dollars via

Thanks for your patronage.

Temitayo is Chief Operating Officer at Ventrae Integrated Services

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