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Inside Nicon Town Estate

When walking into Nicon Town Estate, one is greeted by the lush sight of a smooth stretch of tarred road. The road extends long beyond sight, flanked by picturesque architectural structures which make one thing clear: you are not in Lagos anymore, not mundane Lagos at least. You would be hard-pressed to find such a place anywhere else in the chaos of the megacity. But, surely, its value goes beyond the limited sight at the gates.

The tarred road leading to the gate
Under construction: some buildings in the estate are still being developed
A view of the buildings
Relaxation: Park benches surrounded by a garden
A view of the road leading to the well-guarded gates
View (2) of the road leading to the well-guarded gates

A view of the street with parked cars

The first thing you will notice is the water-tight security in the estate. There are cameras at the gate watching everyone coming and going out. The security officials are vigilant [as one would expect for a place housing high-net-worth individuals] and would not let any non-resident in unless they had a perfectly-justified reason to be there. Judging by how hard it is to even get into the estate, it is understandable why no houses can be seen fenced or gated. The neighbourhood security is centralised.

Construction underway
A view of the houses
A view of the houses
A partition separating Nicon Town from the next estate
A view of the houses

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The state-of-the-art buildings have magnificent exteriors which make their N300 million to N400 million average valuation worth it. They are lined with clearly-structured drainages. Still, it is clear the estate remains in a state of potentiality, with many buildings still unoccupied and under construction.

A view of the houses
Under construction: there are many such houses still under development in the estate
A typical Nicon Town house, beautified by an exquisite garden
A view of the houses
Street view

Keeping with the spirit of maximal satisfaction far from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, the estate has uninterrupted power supply as they are signed on to the Premium Power Plan. There are no power lines hanging on poles to disfigure the carefully-planned aesthetic. The lines are all underground.

Unlike some second-rate and even so-called first-rate estates, Nicon Town has little tolerance for commercial activity. There are no okadas or beer parlours lying around and conflicting with its clean-cut image as a purely residential area. This affords it a limitless serenity that ensures the residents truly feel like they are at home and not in the hectic streets of Lagos hustling through traffic amidst the blaring horns and commercial activity. There is a price to pay for this comfort – an estimated N300,000 service charge per house yearly.

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