Choosing The Best Generator for You

One of the common mistakes made by most people who need to purchase a generator is going for a popular brand. They feel they can never go wrong with a household name. No one is saying they can but when it comes to generators, ‘Who name epp?’

Your power needs and solutions should be the major determinant before purchasing a generator. Different generators have different power supply capabilities, fuel requirements, start modes, and even optimum weather conditions. You have to take all these into consideration so you don’t end up frustrated with a power set far below your needs or one totally unnecessary, considering demand / capacity ratio.

There is nothing as frustrating as not knowing what one is looking for. So what do we look for and what are the basic purchase fundamentals? Technicians will tell you that power needs and fuel types are the basics in determining the ideal generator. The power consumption rates of home appliances like TV, refrigerator, iron, washing machine etc determine your power needs. Remember that a generator is a machine like every other which should not underperform or over perform based on its capacity for effectiveness and longevity.

Let’s take a look at one of the most popular generators in Nigeria for the low-end user, at the least, the portable Tiger Manual Gasoline generator also known as “I beta pass my neighbor fits the power needs and budgets of most “bottom of the ladder” Nigerian homes.

At a price a little above N25,000, this is relatively cheap, and can power the essential appliances of a home (such as fan, TV, decoder and PCs or DVD players). Good noise control is enjoyed just after about 6-8 months with the noise becoming very unbearable. Its major downside is the heavy emission of fumes.

For the medium-end user, a 4.5KVA Key Start Generator, which is one of the best petrol generators in Nigeria with a 4.5KVA starting power output, which is higher than its 4.2KVA stable power output and that means you can start the generator while appliances like Refrigerators, TVs etc are left on and it wouldn’t cause any problems. This is not a bad deal for a little over N60,000, with durability and longevity guaranteed backed up by adequate maintenance proportionate to use. Its major disadvantage is the high noise level.

Considering the high-end user (personal or organization), diesel generators are most ideal producing more power, though cost more at a little over N3 million. A 22 KVA Soundproof Diesel Generator is ideal for those with heavy power consumption with minimal noise, though emission is very high. It is advisable to keep it as far away as possible. Its efficient power supply cannot be questioned, making it ideal for a lot of appliances and in turn open to more frequent maintenance which is done by a trained technician. An 8.1KVA diesel generator is also ideal with an average power supply output relative to your need. Most come with low-oil alert systems and make very little noise as well at a price little above N160,000.

These days, most people find ways of converting their generators to Gas but we also have Gas Generators which are very efficient and with a power output of about 7000W though can be really dangerous to use due to its high inflammation. At almost N300,000 it’s ideal for large homes, producing very little emission and can be used for any number of home appliances.

So with many generator brands available like the ELEPAQs, HONDAs, TIGERs, HAIER THERMOCOOLs etc in the market these days, we can only tell which brands are genuinely reliable, durable, availability of spare parts, fuel efficient, less noisy,  and offer great customer service by your #Userexperience expressed here, kindly share which brands you would recommend confidently.

Oluwatomi Otuyemi

Oluwatomi Otuyemi, a Geology graduate from Crawford University, has 5 years experience in corporate corporate communications. He has a passion for storytelling, and investigative reporting.

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