Shark in the Seine: ‘Under Paris’ premieres on Netflix, blending action and ecology

Netflix’s much-anticipated shark thriller “Under Paris” has officially started streaming as of June 5, 2024. Directed by Xavier Gens and featuring a stellar cast, the film promises a unique blend of ecological awareness and thrilling action, set against the iconic backdrop of Paris.

The film brings a unique twist to the shark attack genre by setting the suspenseful action in the iconic city of Paris during the World Triathlon Championships.

Plot and Premise

“Under Paris” unfolds during the summer of 2024, coinciding with the World Triathlon Championships hosted on the Seine River. The storyline follows Sophia, a scientist played by Bérénice Bejo, who discovers through environmental activist Mika (Léa Léviant) that a massive shark is lurking in the river. Together with Adil (Nassim Lyes), the Seine River police commander, they race against time to prevent a catastrophe in the heart of Paris.

Cast and Characters

Bérénice Bejo, known for her Oscar-nominated performance in “The Artist,” takes on the role of Sophia, bringing both intellectual depth and physical courage to her character. Léa Léviant portrays Mika, an eco-activist with a strong personality and a leader’s conviction, while Nassim Lyes plays Adil, a haunted yet authoritative police commander.

Production Insights

Xavier Gens, celebrated for his work on films like “Hitman” and “The Divide,” co-wrote and directed “Under Paris.” The film emphasises not only thrilling shark encounters but also touches on environmental themes, resonating with contemporary issues of climate change and ecological disruption.

Gens’ direction ensures a balance between action-packed sequences and emotional depth, particularly through the backstories and development of its main characters.

Viewer Reception and Critical Acclaim

Since its release, “Under Paris” has garnered positive reviews from both audiences and critics.

The trailer, which dropped ahead of the film’s release, set high expectations with its intense scenes and dramatic moments. Fans of shark thrillers and ecological dramas alike have expressed their excitement and appreciation for the film’s fresh take on a well-trodden genre.

“Under Paris” stands out as a must-watch for the summer, blending suspense, action, and a poignant message about the human impact on nature. With its release perfectly timed ahead of the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, the film not only entertains but also provokes thought on pressing environmental issues.

For those intrigued by the premise of a shark in the Seine and the ensuing chaos, “Under Paris” is now available for streaming on Netflix.

Samuel Bolaji

Samuel Bolaji holds a Master of Letters in Publishing Studies from the University of Stirling, Scotland, United Kingdom, and a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He is an experienced researcher, multimedia journalist, writer, and Editor. He is currently the Editor of Arbiterz.

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