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Obi to go to Court as Tinubu Extends Olive Branch

In the aftermath of the 2023 elections, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi has announced that he will be going to court to challenge the process. He made the statement during a press conference on Thursday, the 2nd of March in Abuja.

On the other hand, the declared winner of the election, Bola Tinubu of the APC extended an olive branch to the other contestants in his acceptance speech.

According to him, “To my fellow candidates, former Vice-President Atiku, former governor Kwankwaso, former governor Obi and all others, I extend the hand of friendship. This was a competitive, high-spirited campaign. You have my utmost respect. Let’s collaborate and work together. I promise to work with you. Political competition must now give way to political conciliation and inclusive governance.”

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Obi in his press conference noted that the elections were “programmed for determined results.” Despite his loss in the presidential poll, he pledged to pursue all legal avenues available to regain his “mandate” and insisted that he was the rightful winner.

According to Mr. Obi, “The election that we just witnessed has been conducted and results announced as programmed. It is a clear violation of the electoral rules and guidelines as we were promised. This election did not meet the minimum standard expected of a free, transparent, credible fair election. It will go down as one of the most controversial elections ever conducted in Nigeria.”

He also added “We must now require that we do the right things. It has to generate confidence and moral authority to lead. As you know, the destruction of a society begins and gradually progresses when we act rascally, with the deliberate manipulation of the rule of law and the suppression of the will of the people. During my campaign, we have been saying that we will govern by the rule of law because we know what not doing that will bring about.

“I assure the good people of Nigeria that we will explore all legal and peaceful options to recall our mandate.”

Meanwhile, the President-Elect, Bola Tinubu was earlier congratulated by Rishi Sunak, the Prime Minister of the UK. In a tweet from Rishi Sunak’s official Twitter handle, he noted,

“The UK-Nigeria relationship remains strong. I look forward to working together to grow our security and trade ties, opening up opportunities for businesses and creating prosperity in both our countries.”

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On March 11th, the governorship and State House of Assembly elections are set to take place, and Nigerians are eagerly anticipating them. Peter Obi has also urged his followers to participate in the voting process on that day.

“Please, do not despair. We have elections coming up on the 11th. I enjoin you to go out. Campaign. Come out and vote in that election. We still have so much massive support out there that we need for our subnational and state assemblies. Please, come out and be part of that election. I assure you that I will be part of it. I assure you that I am totally committed to a better future in this country, and nothing will stop that. Datti’s commitment, my commitment, is total.” He noted.

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