iPad Pro 2020: Apple To Release Eye-Catching Accessory

Apple’s top-end tablet is the iPad Pro. It looks like Apple will update the iPad Pro in the coming months, perhaps as soon as March.

Among the rumors of what will be new in the next machine is an intriguing one relating to the iPad Pro’s Smart Keyboard. According to a report at Taiwanese tech site Digitimes, the Keyboard is about to get even better. Here’s all you need to know.

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What’s the Smart Keyboard, then?

It is a splendid Apple accessory. It connects to the iPad Pro through a physical connector on the back, thus beating all Bluetooth keyboards because there’s no pause when you first press a key: Bluetooth keyboards need a moment to wake up. The Smart Keyboard is also better because it doesn’t need to be recharged, drawing its power from the iPad Pro.

The material finish on the keys feels great, too, against all expectations, making for a useful typing experience.

But there are two ways it could be improved and the latest rumor suggests Apple has it all in hand.

Upgrade 1: The keyboard mechanism

As mentioned, typing is a happy experience on the iPad Pro. But it could be even better if, perhaps, it was magic. The current Smart Keyboard is available for all iPads apart from the mini. Each uses a butterfly mechanism, which is fine. But as you’ll know, the new 16-inch MacBook Pro has just switched to what it calls a Magic Keyboard with scissor-switch mechanism, which has been met with considerable acclaim (and rightly – you can read my MacBook Pro review here).

According to Digitimes, and as reported by MacRumors, the next iPad Pro will have an improved keyboard that matches the Magic Keyboard from the Mac, complete with scissor-switch mechanism.

The scissor-switch on the MacBook Pro has a little more key travel than the previous version, which contributes to the comfort of the experience. So, to add this to the Smart Keyboard would be seriously good.

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Upgrade 2: Keys that glow

Digitimes uses the word “glowing” to describe the new keyboard and this is arguably even more important than the new mechanism would be. The Smart Keyboard is not backlit which means that it can be hard to type on unless the room is well-lit. If you’ve used a backlit keyboard on a PC laptop or MacBook, you’ll know that it’s a game-changer. If Digitimes is right, this will make for a sensationally good keyboard accessory.

Incidentally, the same Digitimes report re-iterates a previous rumor that there will be a 13in MacBook Pro with scissor-switch keyboard released this year, too.

When will we find out?

All recent rumors point to this Spring. I think that means March 2020.

Culled from Forbes

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