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A cold-storage box is one often-underrated home appliance. Although it is a key component of a comfortable, stress-free home life, it is not one we invest in very frequently. A good one will serve many years without the thought of replacement but rather an upgrade, most times for its sake. If you want a cooling box, like a refrigerator, that will last a minimum of about 5years, then you should opt for brands that offer great after-sales support on demand. Like the saying, “When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable”, we must recognize the need for the refrigerator or freezer before purchasing one. Will it be used in a home or for commercial purposes? Will it serve as the main cooling preservation system or a support? What is the family size of the home? Clarifying the purpose of the refrigerator will help to determine the size, capacity, style or model.

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Refrigerators come in different styles, types and models. They range from the basic and commercial Coolers (offering no freezer compartments) or the all-rounded Deep Freezers (offering no refrigerator) to the simple Compact Refrigerators, or the traditional Top Freezer Style a.k.a Top Mount refrigerator, which is the most common in homes and cost effective. Others include the similar Bottom Freezer styles (which cost more and are based on preference), the ‘Side by Side‘ large family size refrigerators (offering dual functionality separated by the door compartments) or the more sophisticated, pricier ‘French door‘ variety and even the ‘Smart Refrigerator‘. With the world fast becoming smart, it’s amazing to have refrigerators with features like WiFi, Apps, voice control; inbuilt cameras that help you remotely see the interior of the refrigerator via a phone.

A number of factors determine the capacity of the refrigerator that you buy; lifestyle is one. The size of the family, the cost and the appliance’s energy consumption rate also matter. Underutilizing or overutilizing the appliance depends on capacity considerations, why supply energy to an almost-empty refrigerator or why overcrowd a small-sized refrigerator making it struggle to circulate cool air?

No doubt, there are good and reputable brands, but the big question remains: what brands are worth patronizing? Do we look out for brands with turbo cooling, rust-free cabinets, Icemaker, frost-free operation, front television mount, humidity and temperature control, bacteria-eliminating functions, wheels (for easy movement during maintenance, cleaning, repositioning or even evacuating), or cold temperature-retainment feature?

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In Nigeria, refrigerator brands like Haier Thermocool, Samsung, LG, Polystar, Midea, Hisense, Nexus, Scanfrost, Ocean, Newclime and more are popular but which would you suggest and endorse based on your #UserExperience?

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