Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities for African Businesses


Keystone Startup Advantage (KSA) Programme 2022 for Tech Startups & SMEs

Startups and SMEs in the Creative, Fintech, Agro, Education, Health, and other growth sectors with technology-driven and innovative solutions/ideas that are attractive to investors are invited to participate in the Keystone Startup Advantage (KSA) Programme.

Benefits of participation include:

  1. Enrolment in a 3-month Investor Readiness Programme
  2. Financial support of N3m each to 3 successful startups
  3. Networking opportunities
  4. Knowledge and skills acquisition to improve their businesses.
  5. Avenue to pitch their ideas to investors.

For more information, visit


Nigeria Climate Innovation Center (NCIC) 2022 Embryo Incubation Program for Early- stage Renewable Energy Startups

Early-stage startups or businesses operating in the Nigerian renewable energy space are invited to participate in the Nigerian Climate Innovation Center’s Embryo Incubator Programme (EIP) organized to develop participants’ skills and capacity needed to scale their ventures.

At the end of the 6-month programme, eight (8) businesses will be selected and awarded an equity-free grant or $10,000 each.

The EIP is also supported by Allon (through the Rockefeller Foundation) and Enterprise Development Center (EDC).

For enquiry, send an email to  To apply, visit

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The F.A.S.T Accelerator Program 2022 

Africa-based Healthtech, Fintech, Edutech, Industrials/Agrictech, and Deeptech startups are invited to participate in the F.A.S.T Accelerator Programme for business development, technology integration, funding and community building opportunities to enable participants scale more rapidly and sustainably. It is an initiative of Flapmax in partnership with Microsoft.


Benefits of participation are the following:

  • Access and co-innovation with Microsoft’s Engineering and product team
  • Access and co-innovation with Flapmax Engineering and product team
  • Azure Cloud Credit; GitHub and Developer tools
  • SME value proposition and market place
  • Enterprise and Government Proactive Co-sell
  • Mentorship from industry experts
  • Access to talent through Flapmax AI Academy and Microsoft Partner ecosystem;
  • Access to Microsoft Africa VC Circle
  • Cross Market expansion.

For more information, visit


Oracle for African Technology Startups 

Technology startups across Africa that are associated with one or more of the following: accelerators, seed/venture capital firms and startup enabling organizations/initiatives are called to participate in Orange for African Technology Startups for cloud credit of up to $10,000 per startup, hands-on technical support, executive mentoring, go-to-market resources and customer engagements.

To qualify, startup must be registered in Africa, founded within the last 10 years and also have a functioning website/public profile/LinkedIn profile.

For more information, visit


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