COVID-19: American Designer Creates Fashionable Face Shield that can be Worn as Sunglasses

Joe Doucet has created a practical and fashionable face shield with integrated sunglass lenses that people would actually want to wear than simply put up with. As face coverings are becoming an essential protective tool against COVID-19, the New York-based designer has proposed a sleek alternative that feels, ‘less alien and intrusive on the wearer than a typical face shield would.’

‘How do we encourage mass adoption of an unwanted necessity?’, asks Joe Doucet, whose fashionable design seeks to alleviate the uncomfortable and awkward appearance of typical face shields. Though recognizing the essential role of personal protective equipment amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the designer believes that it should not necessarily feel alien and awkward on the wearer. Instead, his proposal features integrated sunglass lenses and arms, which make the shield more practical and aesthetically appealing for mass public use. Complete with anti-fog coating, the design ensures the shield won’t fog up while in use. ‘It is hoped that improving the basic face shield design will encourage far greater uptake of its usage and help everyone adjust to the “new normal” that awaits us,’ adds Doucet.

Could this be a solution for the ‘new normal’? Join the conversation on designboom’s instagram post here!

Culled from Design Bloom

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