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Can Code ? Estonia Needs You To Work Remotely

Estonia is soon going to introduce digital nomad visas, thereby becoming one of the first countries to establish such a visa. This means you can take your laptop and work remotely from the Baltic European Union country without any hassle now.

As per the latest reports, Estonia Government has approved the amendments to the Alien Act to allow the creation of a digital nomad visa, thereby becoming the first-ever country to introduce it.

In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic this year, working remotely might just become a trend, which will likely stay around for some time, maybe even after the virus perishes. In such a scenario, this news will serve the purpose of all those who operate businesses that doesn’t require physical infrastructure, as Estonia is offering an e-residency that will allow you to set up operations there.

And with more remote workers than any time in history around the world, some countries are in fact seeing the benefits of courting folks, who are digitally savvy, employed, high earning, and are able to work from anywhere.

As per the Estonia Ministry of Interior, a digital nomad visa will allow internationals engaged in jobs that are independent of location and time, mostly in the field of finance, technology, or marketing, to work in Estonia. The Ministry further explains that this kind of visa will be granted for both short-and- long-term stay.

Referring to this, Estonia Prime Minister Mart Helme said a digital nomad visa strengthens Estonia’s image as an e-state, and enables Estonia to have a more effective say on an international scale. It also contributes to the export of Estonian e-solutions, which is especially important in recovering from the current economic crisis, he added.

As per the Estonia Government, the Digital Nomad Visa Program will be implemented gradually. According to preliminary estimates mentioned by the Ministry of Interior, nearly 1,800 people might be eligible for a digital nomad visa per year.


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