New LG Artcool Mirror; Certainly More Beautiful, Definitely Cooler

The world’s biggest retailer of air conditioners, LG, has unveiled the latest version of its stylish Art Cool model. The new Artcool, christened ‘Mirror’ is a stunning head-turner. It has a sleek glass exterior. The rendering of the mirror face in charcoal-black finish dials up the elegance. Artcool Mirror is almost an ornament – it will compete with, but end up complementing, other decorative pieces in any living room. The glass fascia colour is available in silver and flore blue. One more thing on the look – the ultra slim body gives it an uncluttered, non-intrusive, minimalist effect.

LG ArtCool AC Display at Ikeja City Mall

Here are the highlights of the new Artcool Mirror:

Gold-fin Technology

The Artcool Mirror has a “gold-fin” technology. This makes “the surface more resistant to corrosion” and “enhances the durability of heat exchanger” for a much-longer period. This means the “gold-fin” technology increases the lifespan of the air conditioner because it protects the coils from rusting, accumulation of water and other salts from the atmosphere.

Works well on your generator

According to Vijay, Bakshiji, Technical Manager, LG Electronics West Africa Operations, another unique feature of the Artcool Mirror is that it can work on small generators. The 1 Horsepower Artcool Mirror can be powered by a 0.7KVA generator; the 1.5 Horsepower by a 0.9KVA generator; and the 2 Horsepower by a 1.5 KVA generator. This means a 5 KVA generator can conveniently power three 1 Horsepower air conditioners in the house. Just how cool is that! In case your Disco decides to supply low-quality electricity, LG has a solution -the Artcool Mirror comes with an in-built “voltcare” that allows it to function well even with low voltage power supply.

Power-Saving Dual Inverter Compressor Technology

The innovative dual inverter technology uses twin rotors that make the compressor pump gas faster (that is, 40% faster cooling and a whopping 70% less energy consumption) and thereby save cost. Amazingly, the technology also results in the Art Cool Mirror being considerably less noisy.

Four-Way Swing – Cools a room evenly

The Artcool Mirror generates and evenly distributes a strong airflow with the help of the 4-Way Swing feature. This subsequently creates a consistent temperature throughout the entire room, the air reaching every corner and crevice.

LG ArtCool AC Display at Ikeja City Mall

Wifi Capability: SmartThinQ App

The LG SmartThinQ App connects your ArtCool Mirror to the internet through Wifi, thus allowing you to control it remotely; either from the office, the mall, your car or from your garden. This is useful in instances when you forget to switch off your air conditioner. Or when you want to cool your home or office ahead of your arrival.

Ion Sterilizer

The LG Artcool Mirror is equipped with over 3 million ions to sterilize the air going in and out of the AC, leaving the air in the room fresh, void of harmful substances and odours.

Quick Troubleshooting

In addition, the Artcool features a Smart Diagnosis function for easy and quick troubleshooting. Smart Diagnosis delivers notifications and support for a wide range of technical issues via smartphone.

Confidence-Boosting Warranty

The AC unit called LG Artcool comes with a mirror glass exterior, and a 10-year warranty on the dual inverter compressor, while the whole unit has a 2-year warranty.


2 Horsepower is sold for N249,000:00 while the 1 Horsepower is N199,000:00



Arbiterz Rating: Sophisticated Beauty and Innovative Functional Technology – 8.5/10

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