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London has world’s highest number of crypto businesses, and is in top 10 for job opportunities

LONDON has been hailed as one of the world’s top cities for cryptocurrency jobs – and the world’s leader for the number of crypto and blockchain businesses.

A study by entertainment site MrQ revealed the capital was one of only two cities in the world’s top ten places for work in the crypto industry outside of the US.

Ranked at seventh for jobs among 550 businesses based in London – the highest number of crypto firms of any city – the study also found the capital’s average salary in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries was £66,880.

The report stated London currently employed 2,608 people in crypto.

New York topped the leader board as the city with the most career opportunities in crypto, dominating the number of job vacancies available at a whopping 4,729. New York also commands the eighth-best salary in the world for a career in crypto at $125,115 (£95,087), and has 327 businesses covering cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFTs and the metaverse.

Oakland, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Austin and Seattle all feature in the top 10 cities.

Singapore and London are the only two locations in the top 10 that are not in the States, and rank fourth and seventh respectively. Both of these locations also rank as the top two cities with the highest number of businesses in crypto.


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