Infinix: The best value iPhone Cable

Have you ever wondered why Apple, the extremely innovative Cupertino, California-based company that has brought the world several delightful and clever technology products cannot successfully make cables to charge its devices? iPhone cables have a very expensive habit of disintegrating around the “mouth” (connector). They cost a fortune to replace, sometimes as high as 10% of the cost of the device. Somehow, cheaper alternatives will start to malfunction after about seven days, triggering the message “This device is not compatible with your iPhone”. Apple probably makes more money from people replacing its dodgy cables than from selling all those cool gadgets.

Relief is here for long-suffering iPhone users! Someone on our team stumbled upon this particular Infinix cable that has triple charging cables that can charge your iPhone, alongside your power bank or your android phone, all at the same time. Miraculously, the Infinix cable also charges your phone faster.  And even more miraculously, this wonder cable costs only N2,800 at CPR (Cell Phone Repair), in Ikeja City Mall. We bought two and have been using them for a month and they are still working fine.

Infinix triple cable sold for N2800 at Cell Phone Repair (CPR)

We also found Miniso, sold at the eponymous store, Miniso, also at Ikeja City Mall. We haven’t tested this but Miniso tends to sell reliable products.

iPhone cable sold at Miniso for N6000
iPhone cable sold at Miniso for N4000
USB cable sold at iStore for N14000



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