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Africa Prudential Plc is Offering Graduates Free Tech Skills

Africa’s leading registrar service and SaaS provider, Africa Prudential is offering a 9-month free tech skills training for young Africans. Through its i-Academy Tech Talent Hub, the company will train people on front-end software development, back-end software development, and other soft skills needed in the tech industry. 

This 9-month program will expose students to real-life applications and projects, allowing them to gain work experience before graduation. The program will also utilize mentor matching and leadership modules, while lectures will be delivered using the agile delivery methodology. And the courses include DotNet, Java in backend software development, and React in Frontend software development. 

i-Academy is currently in partnership with Dell, Semicolon Africa, and The Bulb. Interested readers can apply by clicking here

About i-Academy

i-Academy is an initiative of Africa Prudential Plc. The academy which was founded in 2022 has a mission of impacting the community by developing tech talents through its Technical Trainee Program (TTP). After the program, the students receive a certificate in their learning track. 

The technical trainee program is a 9-month physical training, and the first cohort begins on the 1st of March. Some of the perks of the training include daily meals, access to healthcare insurance, and access to laptops. Applicants need no prior knowledge or experience in tech however, they will need to pass the assessment before they can be enrolled in the program. 

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Requirements of the TTP include that applicants must be 18 years old and above. Applicants also have to provide two guarantors, and they must be able to read and write well. 

The i-Academy is quite similar to Andela which started in 2014. Despite  Andela’s efforts at training more than 175,000 engineers across Africa, there is still an obvious skill gap in the tech ecosystem. According to Jeremy Johnson, founder of Andela, there are four jobs for every developer. 

As of the time of writing this article, about 1730 persons had applied for the i-Academy. However, it remains to be seen how many applicants will make it to the next stage of the program. Whatever the case, this initiative by Africa Prudential is a welcome development for the tech ecosystem as the program will immensely contribute new talents to the ecosystem. 

The program director of i-Academy is Ivy Ikpeme-Mbakwem, who also serves as the Chief Experience Officer of Africa Prudential Plc. Ivy prior to joining Africa Prudential was the Customer Experience Manager, Africa at UBA Plc. 

About Africa Prudential 

Africa Prudential Plc was started by the United Bank for Africa in 1970 as a registrar’s service, and by 2006, the company became known as UBA Registrars Limited. In 2012, the company became Africa Prudential Registrars Plc., an autonomous company listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange with over 300,000 shareholders. By 2017, Africa Prudential Registrars Plc. became known as Africa Prudential Plc., and by 2019, the company launched its innovation lab to provide B2B computing services. 

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At the 4th National Cooperative Awards, Symposium, and Exhibition of the Cooperative Rating and Award Society of Nigeria (CRASoN), Africa Prudential was awarded as the Most Outstanding Company in the Nigerian Cooperative Industry. 

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