How Many AI Tools Do You Know? Here is a List of Over 100 AI Tools to Enhance Your Productivity

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has permeated every aspect of our lives, providing solutions and enhancements across various domains.

From productivity to creative arts, AI tools are designed to simplify tasks and boost efficiency.

Here’s a comprehensive list of over 100 AI tools, detailing what each does, the link to access them, and their respective categories.

Name What It Does Link Category
Runway 30+ AI Magic Tools, real-time video editing, collaboration Runway Video
Tribescaler Ideate and create amazing Twitter hooks Tribescaler Social Media
CutoutPro AI-powered image and video editing CutoutPro Design
Reface AI Create and swap faces in videos Reface AI Image Generation
Otter AI AI meeting assistant for recording and note-taking Otter AI Productivity
Yip Convert any text or website into a quiz Yip Study Tool
Writely Cut down or elaborate text with AI Writely Writing
Write with Laika Makes writing exciting by automating boring parts Write with Laika Writing
WordAI Advanced machine learning for high-quality text rewriting WordAI Writing
Whisper Memos AI-powered voice-to-text conversion Whisper Memos Productivity
WebCopilot AI assistant for writing Notion pages WebCopilot Productivity
Magical Automate repetitive tasks Magical Productivity
Write Me A Cover Letter Create cover letters in seconds using AI Write Me A Cover Letter Writing
Wolfram Alpha Compute expert-level answers with AI algorithms Wolfram Alpha General Productivity
Tutor AI AI tutor for learning various subjects Tutor AI Study Tool
Spellbook Uses GPT-3 to review and suggest contract language Spellbook Productivity
Scispace AI Copilot to decode research papers Scispace Study Tool
Scholarcy Online article summariser for research Scholarcy Study Tool
Quizgecko Create quizzes from text or URLs using AI Quizgecko Study Tool
Prodigy AI Tools for software engineers using AI Prodigy AI Coding
Cleanvoice AI to remove filler sounds from audio Cleanvoice Audio
beepbooply AI voice generator for text-to-speech beepbooply Audio AI music generation for composing tunes Audio
AudioStrip Isolate instrumentals and vocals from audio AudioStrip Audio
Quickchat AI Build AI Assistants that talk like humans Quickchat AI Audio Marketing
echowin Manage multiple calls and view transcripts echowin Productivity
Secta Generate AI-based selfies Secta General
BoloForms SheetGod Turn English into Excel formulas instantly BoloForms General Productivity
Lumen5 Convert blog posts into videos automatically Lumen5 Marketing Video
Scalenut Simplify SEO content creation Scalenut Marketing Writing
Namelix Generate brandable business names using AI Namelix Marketing Sales
Simplified Execute all marketing activities with AI Simplified Marketing
Munch Extract engaging clips from videos Munch Marketing Video
KickResume AI-powered resume and cover letter builder KickResume Writing
Bearly AI assistant for researching and summarising documents Bearly Productivity
CleanUp Pictures Remove unwanted objects from images CleanUp Pictures Image Generation
Fliki Create videos from scripts or blogs using AI Fliki Marketing Video Clone your voice for creating human-like voiceovers Audio Marketing
Copysmith AI content generator for product descriptions Copysmith Marketing Writing
Anyword Improve conversions and sales with AI-generated content Anyword Marketing Sales
Quillbot Rewrite text using AI Quillbot Writing
Rytr Write profile bios, ads, and landing pages faster Rytr Writing
HiveMind AI Connect digital strategy to measurable tactics HiveMind AI General
Postwise Craft and schedule engaging social media posts Postwise Marketing Social Media
Veed Record and edit videos faster with AI Veed Video
Eightify Summarise YouTube videos easily Eightify Video
Deepgram Integrate voice AI into applications Deepgram Audio
Fortune Automate and analyse financial forecasting Fortune Productivity
Dora Build websites with AI Dora Design
Udio Generate music and songs with AI Udio Audio
Copy AI Generate sales and marketing copy Copy AI Marketing Writing
Ghostwryter AI writing assistant for Google Docs Ghostwryter Writing
Slides AI Create presentations with AI Slides AI Productivity
AskNow Ask popular personalities questions and get AI-generated responses AskNow General
Wordtune Rewrite thoughts clearly and compellingly Wordtune Writing
Supercreator AI Create short-form videos 10x faster Supercreator AI Marketing Video
Resume Worded Improve resumes and LinkedIn profiles with AI feedback Resume Worded Productivity
WriteSonic Like ChatGPT with the latest data from Google WriteSonic Writing
Stockimg.AI Design stock images with a prompt Stockimg.AI Image Generation
Ellie Email assistant that learns your writing style Ellie Productivity
Galileo AI Create designs and UIs 10x faster with text descriptions Galileo AI Design
Tiledesk Build your own chatbot for support Tiledesk Productivity
Phind AI search engine for developers Phind Coding
Podcastle Convert text to speech using realistic voices Podcastle Audio
Typeface Enterprise-grade AI content creation Typeface Marketing
Excel Formula Bot Turn text into Excel formulas instantly Excel Formula Bot General Productivity
Movio Turn text into engaging spokesperson videos Movio Video
Browse AI Scrape and monitor data from any website Browse AI Productivity
Moveworks AI solution for workplace productivity Moveworks Productivity
Spakfly Turn blog posts into audio using realistic voices Spakfly Audio
Shulex Transform feedback into actionable insights Shulex Productivity
Taplio Content creation and distribution for LinkedIn Taplio Marketing Social Media
Flair AI Generate branded content in seconds Flair AI Marketing Social Media
Browse AI Create and train custom AI models with ease Browse AI General
Durable AI tool for web design Durable Design
Paddle Convert speech to text using AI Paddle Audio
Unbounce Optimise landing pages using AI Unbounce Marketing Realistic text-to-speech voice generation Audio
Grammarly AI-powered writing assistant for clear and effective writing Grammarly Writing
Jasper AI Generate high-quality content for marketing and sales Jasper AI Marketing Writing
Scribe Automatically create how-to guides Scribe Productivity Generate engaging content for marketing Marketing Writing
Loom Record and share video messages instantly Loom Video
Timely AI-powered time tracking for productivity Timely Productivity Transcribe and summarise meetings Productivity
Headlime Generate marketing copy quickly Headlime Marketing Writing
Writesonic AI-powered writing assistant for generating content Writesonic Writing
Kafkai AI content generator for niche websites Kafkai Marketing Writing
Ryte Optimise website content for search engines Ryte Marketing
ChatGPT OpenAI’s conversational AI for generating human-like text responses ChatGPT Writing
AI Dungeon AI-powered text adventure game for interactive storytelling AI Dungeon Entertainment
Replica AI Create AI avatars and chat with them Replica AI Entertainment
Synthesis AI Generate synthetic data for machine learning models Synthesis AI Data
BigML Machine learning platform for predictive modelling BigML Data
DataRobot AI platform for automating machine learning DataRobot Data Open-source AI platform for machine learning and deep learning Data
KNIME Open-source platform for data analytics and machine learning KNIME Data
RapidMiner Data science platform for predictive analytics RapidMiner Data
Weka Open-source software for data mining and machine learning Weka Data
Featuretools Automated feature engineering for machine learning Featuretools Data
Orange Open-source data visualisation and analysis tool Orange Data
Alteryx Data analytics and automation platform Alteryx Data
SAS Advanced analytics software for data management and predictive analytics SAS Data
IBM Watson AI platform for business applications and data analytics IBM Watson General
Microsoft Azure AI AI services and tools for building intelligent applications Microsoft Azure AI General
Google AI AI and machine learning tools and services from Google Google AI General
Amazon AI AI services and tools for building intelligent applications Amazon AI General
Salesforce Einstein AI-powered CRM and customer insights Salesforce Einstein General
OpenAI API Access OpenAI’s models for various AI applications OpenAI API General
Neurala AI software for visual inspection and automation Neurala General
Vicarious AI for robotic automation and intelligent systems Vicarious General
Sentient Technologies AI for autonomous systems and decision-making Sentient Technologies General
IPsoft AI-powered digital employees for customer service IPsoft General
CognitiveScale AI software for enterprise applications CognitiveScale General
Numenta AI research and software for machine intelligence Numenta General
Zymergen AI for biological engineering and synthetic biology Zymergen General
AIBrain AI for cognitive computing and robotics AIBrain General
Vicarious AI AI for cognitive robotics and computer vision Vicarious AI General

This list covers a wide range of AI tools designed to enhance productivity, creativity, and functionality across various sectors.

Whether you are looking to improve your writing, streamline your business processes, or create compelling marketing content, there’s an AI tool tailored to your needs.

Samuel Bolaji

Samuel Bolaji holds a Master of Letters in Publishing Studies from the University of Stirling, Scotland, United Kingdom, and a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He is an experienced researcher, multimedia journalist, writer, and Editor. He is currently the Editor of Arbiterz.

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