ZASHADU BAGS: Nigeria’s Chanel

Chanel has NOTHING on Zashadu, the Nigerian luxury female bags brand except that it is Chanel. Zashadu bags are carried by celebrities like Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, Agbani Darego, Dakore Akande, Lisa Folawiyo, Eku Edewor, Zainab Balogun, etc. Aficionados of Zashadu are buying an enchanting mix of the best of contemporary design, delicately processed exotic leather of outstanding quality and ancient techniques of leather-work. Zashadu sources goatskin from Kano and Sokoto as well as python skin from snake farms in the region. While luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren buy leather from the same sources in northern Nigeria but ship abroad to process, Zashadu, a global brand with a Nigerian heart, has successfully trained a community of artisans in Lagos and Kano to produce world-beating quality leather. Ancient techniques of tanning and leather-dyeing from the North has been incorporated into modern methods. The brand is stocked by high-end boutiques in cities like London, Miami, Dublin, Johannesburg, Paris etc. Zashadu maintains a Lagos store at No. 60 Norman Williams Street, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Zashadu TKO Mini Metallic Teal Blue Snake Embossed Leather with Green Rabbit Fur

Zainab Ashadu, the brains behind the brand, fell in love with bags at age 10 and by the age of 21, she had a collection of over 200 vintage bags. After spending years in London, she returned to Nigeria in 2010 to establish Zashadu. This is a luxury brand many Nigerians can aspire to even if all you buy is a ₦45,000 clutch bag.

Veronica P carrying a ZashaduAlpha Madam Red Crocodile Embossed Leather bag for the New York Fashion Week
Zainab Balogun carrying a Zashadu Limited Edition Box Clutch Mini
Zashadu Metallic Teal Belt Bag in Reptile Embossed Leather

Zashadu has a variety of beautiful clutches, shoulder bags, mini bags, top handle bags, and small leather goods to choose from. Find a stockist close to you.

Justice Orange Crocodile Embossed Snake Leather Insert

₦250,000.00 BUY

Alpha Madam Purple Crocodile Embossed Leather

₦200,000.00 BUY

TKO Madam Dark Green Ayers Snake Skin Black Cobra Skin Insert

175,000.00 BUY

SST Madam Mustard Crocodile Embossed Black Leopard Calf Hide

125,000.00 BUY

TKO Mini Purple Crocodile Snake Embossed Leather Insert with Rabbit Fur

₦95,000.00 BUY

TKO Mini Patent Wine Snake Embossed Leather Calf Skin Insert

45,000.00 BUY

Alpha Mini Dark Green Ayers Snake Skin

95,000.00 BUY

Waist Bag Metallic Blue Lizard Embossed Leather

₦55,000.00 BUY

Box Clutch Elongated Spotted Amethyst Snake Embossed Leather Calf Hide Insert

₦50,000.00 BUY

Box Clutch Classic Mint Green Dark Green Calf Hide Insert

₦70,000.00 BUY

Check out their website or their store at Zashadu Atelier, No. 60 Norman Williams Street, Ikoyi, Lagos.

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