Five tempting manual transmission cars

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The majority of young Nigerian drivers (under 40) have never felt the joy of the clutch and sticks, compared to Europe where 80 percent of cars sold are manual. Some Nigerians even consider manual cars outdated. Yet, European manual cars find their way into the Nigerian market; and they are often cheaper and as sleek as their automatic versions. If you are convinced by Reasons to Consider Manual Cars, then you are most likely looking to get a sweet new ride.

Here are a few to tempt you:


Volkswagen GTI series

There are many positives to highlight Volkswagen GTIs. The hatchback model is exceptional to drive and relatively affordable to own though it also comes in a 2-door or 5-door wagon option. It is a very fast car with 5/6-speed manual transmission and great joy when the hand gets on the sticks in transition. Easy to maintain and guarantees even better fuel consumption.

This can be obtained for as low as ₦1.5m for a Naija-used, and about ₦2.5m for a Tokunbo. The automatic version starts from ₦2.8m for a clean Tokunbo.

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Mazda 3


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The Japanese car produced in 2003 as a 2004 model is a combination of acceleration and performance, based on the Ford global C1 platform, and Volvo S40, the Mazda3 is available in a four-door hatchback sedan or saloon option. Just four years ago, it became Mazda’s ‘fastest-selling’ vehicle celebrating its rigid body, new direct injection engine (usually between 1.5-2.3L) and its 5/6-speed transmission mode.

This can be obtained for as low as ₦1.2m for a Naija-used and about ₦2m for a Tokunbo. The Tokunbo automatic version costs ₦4.6m.


Honda Civic (2006-2011)


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The eighth-generation energetic 4-cylinder compact 2-door coupe / 4-door sedan mid-sized Japanese car is the most spacious within its range of cars which combines style with performance and has a reputation for reliability. The 1.8L engine, 4-door, 5-speed manual transmission Honda Civic is a solid and reliable economy car that will save you a bit of money at the pump. If you are very passionate about style, its sleek interior design is one thing you will find quite attractive. This can be obtained for as low as ₦1.8m for a Naija-used and about ₦2.5m for a Tokunbo.

Acura CSX (2007)

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Observing from afar, you’d be forgiven to think the Acura CSX and Honda Civic are the same. But the 2.0L engine, 5-speed, 4-door compact sports-car experimental sedan delivers an excellent compact luxury package. It is Acura’s entry-level luxury car exclusively designed for the Canadian market and produced by Honda as a marque of the Honda Civic. An upgrade/replacement (ILX) was introduced in 2012 to penetrate the American market as well.

This can be obtained for as low as ₦1.5m for a Naija-used and about ₦2.5m for a Tokunbo.

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Toyota Corolla CE (2010)

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The (1.8-2.4) L 4-cylinder engine 4-door and 5-speed compact sedan makes this list. The Toyota Corolla 2010 car offers more safety features, superior technology, great fuel economy, and quality interior and exterior designs. Though reputable for its quality, it may not be considered an exciting or youthful car. It is a mature, simply-styled, easy-to-use, and surprisingly roomy car.

This can be obtained for as low as ₦1.8m for a Naija-used and about ₦2.5m for a Tokunbo.

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