Power Banks to Bank On

Most of us carry smartphones with a thousand apps and are dependent on them for a thousand things — get directions, make bank transfers, keep in touch with the family and friends via WhatsApp, receive business or office emails etc. Batteries are easily drained, and we feel disconnected from life and work. Enter mobile power banks — the inverters in your pocket! Everyone knows by now that those tiny power banks that companies give away as gifts are not up to the job – they drain quickly. Here is a list of power banks you can bank on to keep your phone battery running for a day. And these power banks last for a couple of years.

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NewAge Power banks

NewAge Power bankEvolving from the days of desktop chargers, New Age is one of the pioneer power-bank brands. This brand has produced durable aluminium-covered power banks as hybrids of the desktop experience. It possesses dual USB channels for multiple charging. An added advantage is the ‘hang-on-clip’ feature, used to clip the power bank to the user’s dress, keeping the hands free. It also has an inbuilt safety protection feature which automatically shuts down the device in the event of erratic high or low voltage. You can get the 4400mAh capacity and above with at least ₦5,000 on Jumia.

Anker Power Core Power banks

Anker Power Core Power banksIt is one thing to have an energy backup device and it is another thing to always have it charged and at your disposal. Anker power bank guarantees both, with its high-speed charging feature. Another advantage is the 18-month warranty that comes with these power banks. Its cylindrical architecture makes it very handy, also saving space in your bag, purse or wherever you prefer to keep it. You can get the 5000mAh capacity and above with at least ₦6,000 from

Aibocn Power banks

Aibocn Power banksBeyond having a very high capacity (as high as 20000mAh), this brand provides sleek, slim, attractive and fashionable devices for stylish users. Its high capacity feature gives room for multiple uses on just one full charge. The only downside is that it takes a fairly long time to recharge the power bank itself. You can get the 20000mAh capacity and above with at least ₦7,000 on

Xiaomi Power banks

Xiaomi Power banks

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Xiaomi is known for making outstanding electronic accessories with smart features at affordable prices. The latest additions to the brand’s product collection are the Mi power bank and Power bank 2i with capacities of 10,000mAh and 20000mAh respectively. Great for conserving battery, Xiaomi’s power banks are high-capacity power packs that can self-recharge. The in-built safety protection feature, which helps to automatically shut down the device in the event of erratic high and low voltage, is a plus. You can get the 10,000mAh and 20,000mAh capacity and above with at least ₦6,000 and ₦7,000 respectively at the open market.

Please share your #UserXperience on power banks you are banking on.


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