Four benefits of using a travel agent for your trip in 2019

These days most people buy tickets direct from the sites of airlines or from the hundreds of travel sites which sell tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals and whatnot. Yet, there is a good reason the traditional brick-and-mortar travel agencies have not died – there are amazing deals you can’t book online and there are many low fares that require some expertise to hack.

Whether you book directly or indirectly, there are two major types of people when it comes to ticket bookings; those who are sure of their travel and return dates, itinerary and destinations and those who like to leave their travel needs open in the case of necessary changes. The more complex the trip you would like to book, the more you require a travel agent.

Here are some benefits of using travel agents:

Take advantage of perks, deals and payment plans

Get deals from travel agents

Travel agents book in high volumes and are always the first to be informed about deals, promos or discounts, hence you can take advantage of them and they can afford to furnish you with perks (like fee waivers, room upgrade etc) that you might not have access to. They can also regulate some prices to avail you further discounts at their discretion on their mark-up for that family vacation, honeymoon or that group tour. Another positive to this is the possibility of a flexible payment plan based on an established relationship you have developed with them.

Personalized experience

personalized deal

There is nothing compared to travelling with the assurance of not relying on galling automated sequence or most-often hard-to-reach customer service reps in the event of unexpected circumstances, especially with varying time differences. Anything can happen and anything can go wrong with your trip, like flight delays, missed flights, need for additional bookings, re-routing, connecting-flight issues and so on. A travel agent who is easily reachable will come to your rescue in minutes.

Travel experts

There are usually many queries and professional advice we would love to have answered before we embark on a trip. Travel agents offer expert advice on alternative destinations, airlines or hotels with equal benefits and with better deals as well as smart ways to save cost on an entire trip. In most cases, they have access to exclusive information that consumers might not have or hidden caveats that could end up being costly.

More than your money’s worth

A common misconception is that using travel agents will cost you more than booking flights yourself. Looking for the best deals on flights from tens of search pages can be frustrating – travel agents can use their experience to get you these deals at little or no extra cost. Sometimes they work out cheaper.

So, next time you want to book a flight, using a travel agent is a viable option you should definitely check out.

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