For Sporty Female CEOs: Audi Q8 Or Range Rover Velar?

There is an argument over whether the Range Rover Velar is a unisex or female Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). Some have compared the utter sexiness of the design to Jimmy Choo or Balenciaga shoes. But there can be no argument about the gender of the Velar (veiled in Latin) if you are on Lagos or Abuja road. Virtually everyone driving Velar is a cool-looking, gorgeous Nigerian Madam (from around 26 to 55 years).  The Range Rover Velar is perhaps Nigeria’s number one female power car. But if you are a female CEO shopping for a new car, you should definitely look at the Audi Q8 before you buy your own Velar. Let’s see how both cars compare:

Acceleration and performance

Range Rover Velar


Audi Q8

The powertrain (the engine, transmission, drive shafts and every other thing that determines how your car accelerates and performs on the road) of the Q8 is superior. The Audi Q8 accelerates a whopping 2 seconds faster than the Velar, enough time for our female trailblazers to leave the competition covered in dust.


Balance and comfort

Range Rover Velar…the true test of an SUV is how the suspension system keeps the car balanced, loads stable and passengers comfortable on rough terrains (i.e “off-road”).


Audi Q8…equally balanced and comfortable on rough terrains (“off-road”).

Both cars have air suspension system, but the Audi Q’s suspension boasts a more refined technology which makes the car better planted than the Velar. (The suspension system comprising tires, tire air, springs, shock absorbers and linkages connects the vehicle to the wheels, thus determining both balance, comfort and drive quality). The Q8 glides away in complete silence even at very high speeds: the Velar is relatively noisy when you travel at speeds above 80 miles per hour. Otherwise, the Velar is as comfortable.


Infotainment system

Audi Q8 Infotainment System


Range Rover Velar Infotainment System

This is a battle between German touchscreen technology, the Audi’s Virtual Cockpit and the English rival, Range Rover’s Touch Pro Duo. Both take everything you used to control with knobs and buttons: music playlist, radio, telephone contact list, navigation etc. and put them on two alluring touchscreens. The touchscreens are as beautiful as each other but the Q8’s Virtual Cockpit beats Velar’s Touch Pro Duo hands down in terms of ease of use and response. It is ultimately safer as the ease of use keeps your eyes on the road because you struggle less with navigating the screen. Critical functions are controlled by a few physical buttons, further easing navigation. No wonder the Virtual Cockpit is the industry’s stand out infotainment system, winning Business Insider’s award for the category year in year out.



Audi Q8 Boot Space


Range Rover Velar Boot Space

This is a draw. The Q8 has greater legroom while the Velar has slightly more headroom for taller women. The Velar’s boot can take a bit more load, probably a reflection of Range Rover’s origins as a car for hunting, but the Q8 has a wider opening.

There is nothing to argue about. The Audi Q8 is the sportier car with better acceleration, on-the-road performance and infotainment system.

You can buy a brand new Range Rover Velar in Nigeria from Coscharis (the official Range Rover dealer) for ₦52,612,500 BUY or in the USA for $53,300 BUY (exclusive of shipping, clearing, import duties etc.). Audi Q8 is sold for about $67,000 BUY in the USA (exclusive of shipping, clearing, import duties etc.).


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