Eton Shirts: The best a man can wear

Eton the shirt maker used to be so arrogant they’d put a tiny booklet in every shirt pack congratulating the buyer for buying a quality shirt because the joy of buying cheap things only lasts for a little while. That booklet is gone but the quality and prestige remain inside every pack of Eton shirt. Prices range between £150 and £200. Eton shirts are wonderful investments! They give a feeling of sheer luxury because they are supremely comfortable on the body. And no one can mistake the absolute quality.

Eton has made shirts for 90 years, growing from a small shop in Sweden. They have become the choice of English investment bankers and gentlemen of class and means.

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Many things make Eton the favourite for men who know quality. Here are a few things they consider:


Eton is generally known for high-quality cotton, poplin and twill fabrics. In addition to this, the shirt makers incorporate anti-wrinkle finishes to every shirt, making Eton popular with people who travel a lot.


eton shirts cuts

The shirts come in varieties, fitting the taste of many. The dress shirts or formal shirts come in four different fits – the Classic Fit, Contemporary Fit, Slim Fit, Super Slim Fit. They also have a wide range of collar and cuff styles.


An average Eton shirt is made from 45 different parts and sewn with 12,000 stitches, the shirt makers say. It is not hard to be convinced about the veracity of the claim. Buttonholes on all Eton clothes are well stitched, and the buttons are stitched on with a slight elevation to avoid creasing the buttoned shirt. These careful finishes give the extra sharp look to the wearer.

The only downside for some

The only not-so-pleasant side of the shirt brand is the non-removable collar stay on the shirt.

Where to buy

Eton is not common in Nigeria and only the hardcore connoisseur would appreciate it for it comes at very high prices. An average shirt costs N105,000 on Jumia stores, including shipping to Nigeria. You can also buy directly from the Eton shirts website for lesser, especially if you catch one of the two biannual sales. The only catch here is that the shirt makers do not currently ship to Nigeria.

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