Dr. Ebere Okereke Honoured at Liverpool School of Public Health

The Liverpool School of Tropical of Medicine has awarded an honourary degree to Dr. Ebere Okereke for her commendable contribution to public health.

Dr. Ebere Okereke is a public health expert with a focus on global health security and the enhancement of health systems. She has received accolades for her efforts in advocating for women within the public health sector. The British Medical Association has acknowledged her as a role model for women in academic medicine, while the UK Government Science and Engineering Profession has recognized her as an inspirational leader in the fields of science and engineering.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony which took place at the St George’s Hall in Liverpool, Dr. Ebere said, “I urge you to always look around in every space you occupy and ask who is not seen, which voices are not heard, and lead the charge to change that.

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“I urge you to see being uncomfortable as a welcome reminder to step out, reflect and change your space. I hope that LSTM continues to offer you the space to grow well beyond this graduation day, just as it continues to do for me.”

About the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM)

LSTM was founded on 12 November 1898 by Sir Alfred Lewis Jones and was the first institution in the world dedicated to research and teaching in the field of tropical medicine. Its reputation for the quality of its research in medicine has led it to secure funding to lead over 10 international consortia and product development partnerships to help reduce the impact of diseases in rural and poor communities.

As an institution of learning, she attracts over 600 students from 68 countries, ranging from students taking professional courses to Masters programmes and PHD research.

A look at Dr. Okereke’s Career

Dr. Ebere Okereke, though born in the UK to a Nigerian family, studied in Nigeria and graduated from the University of Nigeria College of Medicine. She obtained a postgraduate diploma from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and an MSc in Public Health from Newcastle University UK.

Ebere has demonstrated her expertise by spearheading Public Health England’s (now UKHSA) aid-funded project focused on strengthening International Health Regulations compliance. This technical assistance project aimed at fortifying public health systems has left a lasting impact in countries such as Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Zambia, Pakistan, and Myanmar, in collaboration with Africa CDC and WHO.

She was also given honorary lecturer positions at both Leeds and Hull-York medical schools, showcasing her commitment to nurturing the next generation of public health professionals.

Key Contributions to public health in Africa

As a distinguished member of the UK Faculty of Public Health and a participant in the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Executive Leadership Programme, Dr. Ebere Okereke has played a pivotal role in shaping initiatives for Africa’s vaccine manufacturing capabilities through her co-leadership with the Africa CDC.

Her influence extends to her honorary role as a Senior Public Health Adviser to the inaugural Director of Africa CDC and as a Senior Health Adviser at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.

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Ebere’s impact goes beyond organizational leadership; her extensive contributions to scientific literature cover a range of topics, including tuberculosis control, global health security, health system strengthening, leadership development, and gender equity.

She has remained an ardent advocate for more black women to come into the medical (public health) space, in a male dominated sector.

Dr. Ebere Okereke received her honourary degree at the graduation ceremony of the LSTM’s 2023 class which also marked the institution’s 125th year anniversary.

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