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#EndSARS : The People Must Henceforth Be the Boss: Babasola Kuti, a UK-Based Entrepreneur

The current #EndSARS campaign has provided Nigerians with an opportunity to demand proper leadership from elected and appointed officials at all level.

The campaign is extremely impactful for a number of reasons:

  1. The protest does not have a puppet master pulling the strings or funding it.
  2. It does not have a political undertone.
  3. It also does not have a selfish agenda.
  4. It is being driven by ordinary Nigerians who all agree on this subject matter.
  5. They also all agree that we have no leadership in the country and that the people have been perpetually taken for granted.
  6. They know promises have been broken without consequences and that poverty and insecurity is on the increase at an alarming rate.
  7. They are victims. We all are!

The messages coming from the protest also indicate that these other issues will be addressed subsequently and that even though police brutality was the reason why this protests started, there is a general acceptance that there is a deliberate failure of government to sincerely address a lot of the critical issues affecting Nigerians.

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The fundamental thing is that the people now know who is boss and have decided to take their destiny into their hands rather than waiting for some greedy union leaders to decide when to protest and use it as a bargaining chip to get rich.

The protest has also made a mockery of government interventions in time past. It has shown what can be achieve with a few millions of Naira and the young ones have shown what accountability means.

I am absolutely convinced that if this level of public engagement is sustained, Nigeria will never be the same again after this.

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#EndSARS is unprecedented moment in Nigerian history. What does it mean to you? What do you want it to change?  How can we ALL build on it in transforming Nigeria into a country that works for ALL of us and not only for a few of them?

Arbiterz will like to hear from you too. Send your opinion -300/400 words-to & You MAY include a picture of yourself, which may be from the #EndSARS battleline where you are helping to push the old Nigeria into the abyss.

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