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Funding News in Africa – in Association with GFA

This is Arbiterz funding news updates across Africa. It is a weekly news update on funding opportunities for entrepreneurs on the continent, in association with GetFunded Africa (GFA), a data and research firm helping medium and large companies in Africa to raise funds for growth and expansion.

This week, April 17th, 2020, funding news review:

  1. MIT Solve rises to meet health security and pandemic challenges.

MIT Solve 2020 Challenge seeks tech-based solutions to health security challenges, including COVID-19 and future pandemics.

Over $1.5 million in prize funding is available for Solve’s 2020 Global Challenges, including Health Security & Pandemics. Learn more.

The mission is to foster innovation, seeking out tech-based social entrepreneurs, and helping them scale up their ideas.


  1. DGGF Investing in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Morocco.

The Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF) has partnered with Azur Partners to launch the Azur Innovation Fund (AIF) to support the Moroccan entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The fund is expected to finance approximately 20 SMEs, including some owned and managed by young entrepreneurs, and to generate knowledge transfer to these SMEs.

Apply here.

  1. 54gene raises $15 million to accelerate genomics research in Africa.

Adjuvant Capital, a life sciences fund, has invested a $15 million Series A financing round in Nigerian startup 54gene.

54gene, the Nigerian genomics research firm, plans to use the new funding to scale its operations.


4. Elev8media Advertising Limited announces N40 million support for SME.

Elev8media Advertising Limited has announced an advertising fund of N40 million for Lagos-based small businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The fund will give 10 businesses access to advertising space on the iconic LED billboard at CMS Marina. Apply before Saturday.

  1. Google News Initiative launches a Journalism Emergency Relief Fund

The Google News Initiative is open to news organisations producing original news for local communities during this time of crisis. Publishers can apply Wednesday, April 29, 2020, here.

GetFundedAfrica (GFA) is a technology-driven information platform that helps African-run businesses reduce barriers to funding. GFA is owned and operated by Afriscaper Market Research & Consulting Limited.


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