Double Off-Duty Deals on Fragrances on British Airways Without Flying

British Airways High Life Shop, the online off-duty store, is offering 50% discount on selected items. Normally, you buy online and get the goods when you board. But you can enjoy this discount even if you are not travelling any time soon by taking advantage of High Life Shop’s home delivery service (please, check terms and conditions). We are showcasing some of the high-quality perfumes available in the sale. Almost everyone of them is a miniature set – a collection of 2 – 5 different bottles from the same designer brand. They offer amazing value by letting you experience and enjoy 2 – 5 different fragrances or notes for less than the usual retail price of one. These miniature sets are made specially for British Airways: you can’t get them in shops.

This is an image of product Jo Malone London Cologne Intense Collection 5x9ml

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