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20 cardio Workouts at Home with No Equipment (with video guide)

In the quest for a healthier lifestyle, engaging in cardiovascular exercise is crucial. The good news? You can achieve an effective workout right in the comfort of your home with minimal or no equipment. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends 150–300 minutes of moderate physical activity weekly, and we’ve curated a list of 20 diverse cardio exercises for all fitness levels.

Best Cardio Exercises at Home – No Equipment Needed:

Embark on a calorie-burning journey with exercises that form a comprehensive cardiovascular workout program. Consider performing each exercise for 45 seconds to 1 minute, followed by a 30-second rest, or challenge yourself with circuits for an added punch.

Beginner Exercises:

Marching in Place:

Marching in place


Elevate your heart rate with this simple yet effective warm-up or standalone cardio activity. Increase speed or raise those knees for added intensity.

Single Leg Stand:

single leg stand

Engage your abdominal muscles by lifting one leg off the floor, holding for 10–15 seconds. Gradually intensify by lifting higher or transitioning between legs.

Dancing to Music:

dancing to music

Turn your living space into a dance floor. Bounce lightly, swinging your arms to upbeat music for a fun and calorie-burning experience.

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Arm Circles:


Perform circular arm motions, seated or standing. Ideal for all fitness levels, this exercise enhances shoulder mobility.

Supine Snow Angel (Wipers) Exercise:

Supine snow angel (wipers) exercise2

Lying down, work your abdominals, chest, and shoulders. It’s a challenging yet rewarding movement.

Trunk Rotation:

Trunk rotation

Target your abdominal muscles by twisting from the torso. Add intensity with a weighted object like a kettlebell.

Air Squats:

Air squats

Engage your thigh muscles, hamstrings, and glutes while enhancing core stability. Keep good balance and maintain form throughout.

Intermediate Exercises:

Jogging in Place:

Jogging in place

Increase your heart rate with this simple yet effective cardio exercise, perfect for warming up or as an intermediate activity.

Air Jump Rope:

Air jump rope

Mimic jumping rope without the actual rope. Swing your arms in a circular motion while jumping for an alternative warm-up routine.

Jumping Jacks:

Jumping jack

A classic cardiovascular exercise. Adjust intensity by varying speed and height during the jump.

Squat to Front Kick:

Squat to front kick

Challenge your balance by incorporating a single leg kick at the peak of the squat. Engage your core for stability.

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Stair Climb:

stair climb

Utilize stairs for a dynamic workout. Increase intensity by taking stairs two at a time or running.

Lateral Shuffles:

Lateral shuffles

Mimic football or speed-skating warm-up. Squat slightly and shuffle side to side, picking up speed for added intensity.

Advanced Exercises:

Jump Rope:

Full jump rope

Elevate your workout by transitioning from an imaginary jump rope to a real one. Alternate between both feet or introduce single-foot jumps.

Squat Jumps:


Work your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves with this explosive movement. Experiment with different arm movements to vary difficulty.

“Screamer” Lunges:

“Screamer” lunges

Build leg muscles and challenge your cardiovascular system with this dynamic lunge variation.

Mountain Climbers:

Mountain climbers

Engage your entire body, especially the lower portion, with this advanced exercise. Alternate leg positions rapidly in a pushup position.



A full-body, advanced exercise to get your heart pumping. Incorporate a Bosu ball for added difficulty.

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Bear Crawl:


Activate your entire body by crawling forward in a pushup position, keeping knees off the ground.



Improve mobility and test shoulder strength with this full-body exercise. Walk your hands out to a pushup position and back for maximum impact.

Getting the Most Out of Home Workouts:

Before diving into your workout, spend 5-10 minutes on a dynamic warm-up. Focus on effort and intensity during exercises, aiming for an RPE of 3–7. Consistency is key; aim for 3–5 days of exercise per week for enhanced physical abilities.

Safety Considerations and Injury Prevention:

Even at home, safety is paramount. Clear space for movement, stabilize rugs, wear non-skid shoes, and warm up with low-impact exercises. Stay hydrated, listen to your body, and consult a doctor before starting a new exercise program.

In summary cardiovascular exercise can seamlessly integrate into your home routine. With a mix of challenges, these 20 exercises cater to all fitness levels. Elevate your fitness and health journey from beginner to advanced, all within the comfort of your home.

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