2 days ago

    Office Lives: Oreoluwa Ajayi, Associate Director, Prembly.

    Oreoluwa Ajayi is the associate director of Prembly, a top Security and Compliance infrastructure Company. Oreoluwa is an experienced industry…
    1 week ago

    Cars that You can buy for 5 million naira in Nigeria 2024

    While N5 million may not seem like much money to some people, it can do a lot for you. It…
    2 weeks ago

    Nigeria’s Content Creation Industry: Mark Angel, others make more than $100,000 per year

    Nigeria’s content creation industry is booming, and the world doesn’t know it yet. The African Creators Summit represented a turning…
    2 weeks ago

    UK Nigerian Nurses Involved in “Industrial-Scale” Qualifications Fraud

    Yunnik Test Centre in Ibadan is at the centre of a scandal involving hundreds of Nigerian nurses in the United…
    2 weeks ago

    Herbert Wigwe: All His Investments and Impact on Nigerian Banking

    Feyi Fawehinmi pens a definitive tribute to Herbert Wigwe, the late co-founder of Access Bank, situating him within the more…
    3 weeks ago

    Herbert Wigwe: Banking Mogul Who Started Out As PwC Management Consultant

    The life of Herbert Wigwe (15 August 1966 – 10 February 2024) was a testament to the transformative power of…
    3 weeks ago

    Naira Crisis: Tinubu Should Adopt OBJ’s 1999 Solution to Boost Dollar Inflow-Dr. Ogho Okiti

    Nigeria’s naira crisis cannot be resolved by only monetary policies. Complementary fiscal reforms, reducing government expenditure, and growing the nation’s…
    4 weeks ago

    Japa and Nigerian Marriages: The Degeneration of Spousal Relationships in the Diaspora

     Nigerian Marriages confront a lot of challenges when couples leave the country in search of greener pastures. As more Nigerians…
    4 weeks ago

    Ten New Multinational Companies and Brands in Nigeria

    Multinational companies are exiting Nigeria after a decade of poor economic policies.  As inflation, weakening purchasing power, and an unstable…
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